Elmo Loves 123s

This is an application full of games, activities, and videos, which will help you teach children about numbers and counting. No. 1, 2 and 3 included. Upgrade to unlock the 4 through 20.

Elmo loves to explore the numbers! This application has songs and videos about numbers. It has coloring pages and games about numbers. It has all the numbers from 1 to 20! You Elmo Abby is here, too! Come on! Discover Elmo and Abby figure with!

Slither io

main function
– Trace your favorite numbers to unlock surprises.
– Slide, swipe, touch and monitored to detect sixty classic Sesame Street clips, sixty pages color, hide-and-seek, jigsaw puzzles, games count and more!
– Touch the button to play the game Abby number with Abby and her friends.
– 123s tracker for heads-up to see what your child is learning.


– Identification Number
– The tracing
– The count groups of objects
– Addition & Subtraction
– Problem solving
– Art and creativity

And if you like learning your 123s, you will love learning your basic knowledge! Check the “Elmo Loves ABCs” in the Play Store.

– Sesame Workshop’s mission is education using the power of media to help children everywhere develop smarter, stronger, and kind. Provided through a variety of platforms, including TV, digital experiences, and involvement of the community, the program is based on his research are to meet the needs of the community and the countries they serve.

Cannon Commander


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