Tempus Terminus

Tempus Terminus is a smart, platform and puzzle-based thinking action-adventure game with a cool twist: you must use a magic power to freeze time so that you can manipulate and organize media field to your advantage!


The goal on each level is straight forward – to reach the Exit Portal. However, to do this, you must use an ancient force known as the ‘Tempus’ to prevent his own time. This then allows you to change the game environment, create new platforms, reverse the direction of the enemy bullets, and more!


Background information: Set on a distant planet in the distant future, you play the role of a ‘Guardian’ of ‘Tempus Terminus’ ancient artifacts. This powerful relic give the ‘Guardians’ ability to prevent stop and start time under their command! However, a Union army of Warriors are trying to steal the artifacts, and you must escape from his lair to ensure its safety.

Analytical thinking games and solve problems and stimulate creative role provides a test and exercise combination of both mental and physical game play. Mentally, you have to use good observation skills, logical thinking and strategic planning in order to find the best way to use the powers of your injury time to your advantage. Physically, you need speed really smart response and keyboard controls to maneuver your character around each enemy and obstacle filled levels.

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