Pharaoh’s Second Life

Pharaoh’s Second Life is a puzzle game fun and addicting platform and adventure game based on physics, where you have to guide a brave young Pharaoh through a series of 25-based supply. Self test for the challenge platform game / arcade classics such as running, jumping, collecting keys, switch blocks, jumping over lava pits, transfer stations, and more.


Background information: After being knocked unconscious by a falling coconut, our hero Pharaoh accidentally mummified his people! After waking up in his grave, he must try to get rid of all 25 levels of a pyramid maze giant!


Reason for fun, this game online platforms: Exercise your quick response and coordinate hand – eye, determined to solve the problem when you embark on an epic journey through , level of dangerous obstacles. Enjoy the game Mario-style game as you struggle with many difficult challenges in each level.

Strategy to win: Some additional requires logical thinking and strategic wisdom, not simply running and jumping action. For example, you may have to move the blocks on a weight system to gain access to a locked door, and other similar tasks. You must learn from your mistakes through trial and error, and try to use the terrain of each level to your advantage.

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