Play Flexi Combat

Flexi Combat is one, 360-based turret guns survival violent shooter game where you have to show the reaction is very fast and accurate order & smart skills. Protect tanks filled your firepower from a central position against future robot aliens are coming, and survive as long as possible against the enemy’s attack, scoring as many points as possible.



Strategies / skills required: Combat Flexi is a tough, relentless, alien shoot ’em up game, where a high degree of concentration and focus is essential for the survival and extend the life of you when you have to deal with waves suitability of fighters of the enemy. Take your time well is the key! You have quick reflexes combined with hand coordination skills – good eye to keep your competitors at bay. Snap decision making skills also come into play as you quickly choose the right weapon to use for each situation or wave.

See more: Chaos Faction


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