Pharaoh’s Second Life

Pharaoh’s Second Life is a puzzle game fun and addicting platform and adventure game based on physics, where you have to guide a brave young Pharaoh through a series of 25-based supply. Self test for the challenge platform game / arcade classics such as running, jumping, collecting keys, switch blocks, jumping over lava pits, transfer stations, and more.


Background information: After being knocked unconscious by a falling coconut, our hero Pharaoh accidentally mummified his people! After waking up in his grave, he must try to get rid of all 25 levels of a pyramid maze giant!


Reason for fun, this game online platforms: Exercise your quick response and coordinate hand – eye, determined to solve the problem when you embark on an epic journey through , level of dangerous obstacles. Enjoy the game Mario-style game as you struggle with many difficult challenges in each level.

Strategy to win: Some additional requires logical thinking and strategic wisdom, not simply running and jumping action. For example, you may have to move the blocks on a weight system to gain access to a locked door, and other similar tasks. You must learn from your mistakes through trial and error, and try to use the terrain of each level to your advantage.

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Play Flexi Combat

Flexi Combat is one, 360-based turret guns survival violent shooter game where you have to show the reaction is very fast and accurate order & smart skills. Protect tanks filled your firepower from a central position against future robot aliens are coming, and survive as long as possible against the enemy’s attack, scoring as many points as possible.



Strategies / skills required: Combat Flexi is a tough, relentless, alien shoot ’em up game, where a high degree of concentration and focus is essential for the survival and extend the life of you when you have to deal with waves suitability of fighters of the enemy. Take your time well is the key! You have quick reflexes combined with hand coordination skills – good eye to keep your competitors at bay. Snap decision making skills also come into play as you quickly choose the right weapon to use for each situation or wave.

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Chaos Faction

Chaos Faction is a fight and shooting game for kids, teens and grown where you have to destroy your opponent, using a wide range of characters, arenas, weapons and beat- chaotic power em-up! This is one, all actions fightout crazy (with a lot of cool stuff) that will leave your head in a spin! Things move at lightning speed here – only the best players and the bravest will survive this frantic onslaught! This is a beautiful mayhem and endless hours of fun!


If you want to search for “Factor Awesome”, you come to this super fast game, there will be all – and more! You can customize almost everything in terms of personal preferences of your own; the number of weapons and health appear every minute for the color of your avatar’s eyeball! You can even change the search game levels! Go to the Editor and you will see. Chaos Faction is one of the fighting and shooting games that have A LOT going on. There is a lot to mess around with – 29 weapons, 18 characters and 15 levels – all in one game! Thankfully, although it is not tedious or confusing – just loads of fun! Enjoy!


There are three game modes to choose from: Campaign (where you try to beat the boss of each scene to unlock extra characters, weapons and levels), Deathmatch (where you create own game your own team, the set up and the rules in a melee style your combat) and Survival (where you defeat as many enemies as you can and then submit your score to the scoreboard online ) . Both the campaign and deathmatch have to choose three levels (Easy, Medium and Hard).

First choose your game mode and then Custom Level and your character; you can change its eyes, hands, body and legs. Make him look as fierce and funky as possible. He needs to stand out! Most importantly, make him move fast! During the game, collect as many weapons and power ups as you can; do not fall off (or being kicked off) screen – and be sure to destroy all these characters the hospital before they destroy you! OK, ready for some crazy action virtual combat and turbo-charged fun? Well, let’s go. Do some damage Tough Guy!

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