Batman : In The Heat of the Night

Help Batman to save the world from a global warming weapon speed using their brand’s famous fight hand – to-hand, acrobatic flying skills, and courage in the face of absolute Gotham bad guys! Batman: In The Heat of the Night is a fun, based on adventure and superhero fighting game where you must guide the Crusader cape through a series of levels filled platform villain , with the ultimate goal to stop Kanjar Ro’s space pirates from literally cooking the earth with weapons ‘Thermotron’ her!



Game controller keyboard action – packed is based on the animated cartoon iconic ‘Brave and the Bold’ version Batman, and require rapid response and good observation skills to succeed drain. As one of the world’s best fighter, Batman is better able to handle the goons sent out to fight him, but you still need to use tactics to fight good strategy to ensure you do not get overwhelmed . So it’s time to step into the darkness, and save the world! Thank you

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