Crazy Survival Action

How many yards a duck can make trying to survive against a very hungry swarm of piranhas? Piranha Chase is a little crazy, fun and addicting avoider game and runner / chase-style challenges for children / older youth that pits a rubber duck with a very eccentric piranha family along a dangerous rivers. Your job is to help Ducky to evade personal piranha, and do as many front yards upstream as possible by controlling the direction that the small ducks swim anytime.


The reason to play this game is very difficult and survival skills: If you like busy / fast response speed, finger dexterity and control challenges keyboard with a twist Quirky, eccentric game is sure sure fit the bill to make sure the implementation of reflective skills and your reaction.


The best strategy: Dodge and weave your way along the river as long as possible! Learn from trial and error plays a large role in the success of your strategy here because it may take you a few runs to get used to the movements of the piranha attacks. Good concentration, observation and prediction skills are also very important that you try to predict when and where the piranha will approach next.

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Batman : In The Heat of the Night

Help Batman to save the world from a global warming weapon speed using their brand’s famous fight hand – to-hand, acrobatic flying skills, and courage in the face of absolute Gotham bad guys! Batman: In The Heat of the Night is a fun, based on adventure and superhero fighting game where you must guide the Crusader cape through a series of levels filled platform villain , with the ultimate goal to stop Kanjar Ro’s space pirates from literally cooking the earth with weapons ‘Thermotron’ her!



Game controller keyboard action – packed is based on the animated cartoon iconic ‘Brave and the Bold’ version Batman, and require rapid response and good observation skills to succeed drain. As one of the world’s best fighter, Batman is better able to handle the goons sent out to fight him, but you still need to use tactics to fight good strategy to ensure you do not get overwhelmed . So it’s time to step into the darkness, and save the world! Thank you

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Dash around a desert battlefield restricted, and removes the enemy tanks with missiles accurate picture of this high energy, the game exists for 1 and 2 players! Tank is a straight forward, objective and accurate based skill game where you have to use the rapid response and strong keyboard skills to exploit and control the mouse to maneuver a car speeding around a small battlefield area. With enemies approaching from all angles, you have to explode your way to victory in the increasingly difficult.



Reasons to play arcade battle tank this game: This is an easy to play game battle tanks simple, no frills – just remove the approaching enemy tanks to progress. Enjoy, do not stop the action fast-paced combat as you work hard to survive enemy filled landscape. You can also play as a second Army player teamwork challenges, with one player controlling movement and other tanks in charge of the target and shoot!

Strategy to win: Try to combine good ‘front foot’ attacking defensive play with clever movement. Try not to leave your tank in a position for more than a few seconds – Dodge and weave around the battlefield to confuse your enemies. Using strength and special weapons to your advantage.


Navigate the Beetle car in Wheely 3

Wheely 3 is the third installment from the game series called Wheely. From the title, you can sense that it has something to do with cars. It is quite noticeable that vehicles are frequently incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. There are two main reasons why such scenario is happening up to this day. First is because most people are passionate about cars. Second is because of the unique characteristics and appeal that the vehicles possess. One nice thing about the mentioned series is the evolution of the story in the game. Try playing this game at.



In this edition, the story is about the main character which is a cute beetle car going on a mission to find the pair of wheels for his wife. The objective or goal of the player in this game is to help the main character. Control and navigate the car throughout the platform until it reaches the goal line where he will be able to get the pair of wheels.

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Electric Man 2

Oh, how much I love playing flash fighting games. They either make me laugh until I fall off my chair or make me actually enjoy playing it. Well, from the lab of Damien Clarke we have a nice and futuristic-looking flash game called Electric Man 2. This game belongs to one of those great flash games which you can proudly say you enjoyed playing. Maybe it sounds crazy, but check out just some of these features: saveoption, fantastic futuristic graphics, electric soundtrack, smooth controls and brilliant game progression.


The main menu didn’t impress me very much and it had nothing but tons of text and only had one, very ugly, color to show. At first I thought to myself: “Oh, no, not some lousy time-waster again.” After I got into the game and through the nice tutorial, I realized I was wrong. And that is why I liked this game right from the start.


Gameplay and Graphics

In this game you are in the role of the contestant in the Tournament of Voltagen, where you need to fight other contestants who are competing for the title of tournament champion. Music and the graphics in this game are great. And I say this because I am a sucker for techno music and smooth lines, so this is heaven for my eyes and ears. Simple, yet effective effects, both visuals and sounds, make me enjoy this game so much. The animation are really great, there are no lags at all, if you know how to play, that is. Why I said that? Because, for example: when you deliver a special move at your opponent and it shoots him in the opposite direction, your stick man will look in the same direction as before, so that can be a bit tricky if you have another enemy behind your back. This was always annoying me when I started playing that. But everything else seems just fine.



The gameplay is pretty much standard for this kind of games – you fight your way through various numbers and types of enemies. These are also stickmenand they have rather interesting names, such as The Replicants, The Frozen, The Toxic10, Pyromaniacs…

Diwata Dress Up: For Fashion Lovers!

Controls are so smooth and nicely done and you will get into Electric Man 2 rather easily. You control your guy with the arrow keys, while ASD are reserved for normal punches, kicks and throwing. If you want more power then use QWE for special moves. During the special moves, slow motion activates and a series of kicks are delivered to an opponent. Of course, to do this, you must wait until the battery in the corner fills and then press the button. After you use the advanced skill, a part of the battery will drain, but will charge again over time.


Another thing that I liked is that your stickman reacts different in different situations. For example, if you run toward enemy, it will do a completely different move than it would do if it stayed in place, like sliding or kicking in the air. That’s just great!

It can safely be said that Electric Man 2 is oneof the most super amusing flash fighting games that I played in a while. It always cheers me up with music, graphics and the fact that you can actually save your game so you don’t have to play all of the levels again and again and again… Oh, and did I mention that your stick man glows, and that you can choose color? Happy playing!

Diwata Dress Up: For Fashion Lovers!

This is a perfect game for girls who like to dress up! Your objective in Diwata Dress Up is to put some clothes on your character and make her look wonderful. You will choose from a variety of shirts, t-shirts, blouses, skirts and hats. There will also be some very beautiful shoes, boots, sneakers and slippers. And you will love bags and purses of all sizes and shapes and colors.


You will also see some other accessories that you will love! Then there are some amazing necklaces and earrings to make your girl look elegant and astonishing. So pick a casual look or elegant, or whatever you wish. It is completely up to you! But that isn’t all! You can also pick the perfect haircut for your character so she can be all ready for going out. So which one is your favorite style? Show your fashion skills and enjoy this great game!

Be strategic and creative with Ricochet Kills 2

Ricochet Kills 2 is a flash game that is about shooting. This is actually the sequel to Ricochet Kills 1. This new version is great to play because of two things. One is because of the shooting weapons presented which are powerful and great. Second is because of the unique objective that the players need to accomplish or execute. This physics-based flash game is not just only entertaining but also develops something useful to the players. To find out more about, just feel free to scan and skim the whole content of this article.


As mentioned earlier, this is an online shooting game with a unique objective. The player will have to eliminate or kill the enemies with less bullets as possible. This is the part where the player have to be strategic and creative in order to pull through with the task at hand. Try to use all the objects and walls where you can bounce your bullet so it will ricochet to one or more enemies. In this way, you can kill in one or two shots and achieve a higher score. Search for its main website where you can see page about the complete details about this game.

Be a virtual soldier in Endless War 3

Being a soldier is a tough but noble job because of three things. It is tough because you have to undergo certain trainings that are hard but fulfilling. It is noble because you have to sacrifice for the peace and order of a nation. Most importantly, it is a difficult job because of the detachment from families in a span of time. If you are aspiring to become one, you can try playing the game called Endless Wars 3.


The good thing about this game is that you will be able to have an idea of simple military life and process. This is the third installment from the game series Endless Wars which is developed by Vitaly Zaborov. This is a shooting game that requires strategies and planning. The player will have to think before making an action. One should be patient and efficient. There are four campaigns that you can enjoy such as Iraq War, WW2- Pacific Ocean, WW3- Humans and WW3- Mutants. Enjoy playing this game by clicking.

Help the protagonists in TMNT: Double Damage

Do you have any idea about TMNT: Double Damage? Do you know what is this thing all about? If you are totally clueless, it is fine because you will eventually learn certain details about the topic as you read along this content. TMNT: Double Damage is an example of a flash game where TMNT stands for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Yes! This game has something to do with the famous teenage turtles from the movie and cartoon series with the same title. This game also pretty much features what the movie and series offer. To find out more about it, you can freely skim this whole content.


The scenario in this game is that April, who is a friend of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is in danger and the team must be able to rescue April. The success of the ninja turtles will depend on the capacity and ability of the player engaging with it. You must help the team defeat Shredder as well as the Foot Clan by unleashing their super skills in fighting. By then, you can rescue April and defeat enemies with flying colors.

Look for a safe area in Earn to Die 2012

Zombies are usually incorporated in different entertainment mediums because of three reasons. First is because of the fact that they are entertaining to look at or engage with even on a virtual perspective only. Second is because of the fact that they have a mystery that keeps on boggling the minds of gamers and watchers which make them amazed and curious. Last is because of the variety of ways that they can contribute on the entertainment perspective of the medium.


This article presents a flash game that incorporates zombies and it is called Earn to Die 2012. This is actually a new edition from the game series called Earn to Die. The players will be dealing with zombies, cars and weapons. Your goal is to drive three different cars while crashing zombies along the way to reach the safe place you are looking for. There are zombies that are quite tough to destroy so you must utilize the given weapons to eliminate them.