Score the highest in Dolphin Olympics 2

Dolphin is a great aquatic animal that is becoming more popular due to positive and negative reasons. Positive reason because it can be a great entertaining animal that can bring happiness to many people. Negative reason because it is also abused by some people by letting them be in certain shows. It has been a long issue that needs a proper solution so that the dolphin will be free as a bird. It is fine to enjoy them through virtual medium just like the flash game called Dolphin Olympics 2. Please rely on the next paragraph for more info about the said flash game.

In this game, the player will play the role of a dolphin trainer who must take good care of the animal provided in the game. Feed the animal properly and train it very well. If everything seems to be great, the player’s chosen dolphin is ready for the competition. The dolphin must be able to swim, pivot, jump and bounce through the water as well as execute some tricks within two minutes. Make sure that your dolphin will get the highest score to win in the competition.


Enjoy Bridesmaids Magic Tea Party

Magic and grown up girls activities are appealing to little girls. If you have a little girl, whether your own or a niece, a friend’s daughter or maybe a student, here is a game they would surely have fun, Bridesmaids Magic Tea Party.

In this game, the bridesmaids will have tea in one of the bridesmaid’s house before the wedding. Before preparing herself for the wedding, the host lady will serve tea first. Help her out in preparing tea and preparing herself. You will clean the tray; repair the damaged tea cups through the magic wand, prepare the tea and cupcakes for three and serve them to your friends. The fun does not end there. You will also dress up the host lady. Choose a hairstyle for her; choose an elegant gown and then choose a stylish pair of earrings. This is only a short game but little girls will surely have some fun.

Perform the required stunts in Free Rider 2

If there is one tool or vehicle which has less controversy or bad vibes, it will be the bicycle. There are three advantages that this wonder vehicle presents. One is the fact that it is a good medium of transportation as well as an environment-friendly way too because it doesn’t require fuel that creates smoke which damages the environment. Another advantage is that it is a good tool for exercising. Last is the fact that it is efficient in terms of heavy traffic because it can be driven in steep streets due to its thinness and lightness.

There is no wonder why there are flash games that incorporate this mode of transportation. Free Rider 2 is one of them and you will find out more if you continue reading the next paragraph. This second serving offers more excitement and thrill to many gamers around the world. The process of this game is pretty simple. You just have to guide and navigate the bmx bicycle across different tracks while collecting stars for points. You must also perform the required stunts in different checkpoints. You can experience the fun, excitement and thrill if you will visit.

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Be fast and avoid any accidents in Manic Rider

It is noticeable that there are numerous games that incorporate vehicles such as cars, motorcycle, trucks and buses. Do you have an idea why such scenario is happening? If you are totally clueless, it is fine because you will be enlightened with the help of this article that you are reading. The reason behind the incorporation of different vehicles in most flash games is the fact that they are truly entertaining and thrilling to play or engage with. One good example is the flash game called Manic Rider which will be tacked in this entire article.

This is different from other motorcycle-related games because of the involvement of wicked environment or tracks. Your goal as the player of this game is to drive over wicked tracks and perform the required stunts without falling off the ground. Try to beat your own time in order to garner higher scores that are equivalent to higher amount of money which you can use to avail certain upgrades.

Fart to leap in Twizzed Firefarta

Twizz’ed Firefarta is a funny game. You are to play as the cartoon masked man and find the exit by running and by farting if he needs a leap. Eat a red pepper that produces gas and fart your way to get out of the mysterious place you are in. This fellow cannot actually jump, so he uses his gas resource if he needs to jump by farting. But remember that your stinking ability is limited.

Do not forget to collect cans that would fill up your gas-o-meter. Twizz’ed Firefarta is a simple but addicting game. However, do not be over confident as this flash game is not as easy as it looks like. There are parts of the game that you need to be patient and need careful planning on how to fart your way through. And if you got stuck, a walkthrough is always helpful to check for help.

Help the main character in his revenge with Rooney on the Rampage

Sports related games have been getting a lot of attention and appreciation from most gamers around the world because of two reasons. First is due to the chance they give to aspiring and frustrated athletes out there. This also gives the chance to raise awareness about the importance of engaging with sports. Second is because of the real life popularity that the sports have at this time which can be a good strategy to promote a flash game. One perfect example is the one called Rooney on the Rampage.

This game is somehow unique in the sense that it involves playing the sports plus the real intention of the main character. The name of the player that you will have to control is Rooney. He wants to take on revenge towards Zidane who ratted him out to the referee in the past. Do your best to help him head butt all the players on his way until he reaches Zidane’s position and score a revenge.