Marble Legend

Marble Legend is a brand new and amazing puzzle game!
For the legendary treasure, you have to exist in six secret scenes in adventure mode. Complete all the levels in challenge mode, and try to get three stars in each level!
Now, practice your skills in games this puzzle adventure !!


Marble Legend.png
How to play:
1. Shooting to match three or more colored balls.
2. Touch the transmitter can swap the current ball and the next ball.
3. Boost your score with power-ups and combos.


Marble Legend1.jpg

Marble Legend features:
– Easy to learn but difficult to master game play.
– Many secret maps to make the game addictive.
– Two game modes and many challenging levels.
– Arrows, bombs and more interesting props you should learn from game.

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Elmo Loves 123s

This is an application full of games, activities, and videos, which will help you teach children about numbers and counting. No. 1, 2 and 3 included. Upgrade to unlock the 4 through 20.

Elmo loves to explore the numbers! This application has songs and videos about numbers. It has coloring pages and games about numbers. It has all the numbers from 1 to 20! You Elmo Abby is here, too! Come on! Discover Elmo and Abby figure with!

Slither io

main function
– Trace your favorite numbers to unlock surprises.
– Slide, swipe, touch and monitored to detect sixty classic Sesame Street clips, sixty pages color, hide-and-seek, jigsaw puzzles, games count and more!
– Touch the button to play the game Abby number with Abby and her friends.
– 123s tracker for heads-up to see what your child is learning.


– Identification Number
– The tracing
– The count groups of objects
– Addition & Subtraction
– Problem solving
– Art and creativity

And if you like learning your 123s, you will love learning your basic knowledge! Check the “Elmo Loves ABCs” in the Play Store.

– Sesame Workshop’s mission is education using the power of media to help children everywhere develop smarter, stronger, and kind. Provided through a variety of platforms, including TV, digital experiences, and involvement of the community, the program is based on his research are to meet the needs of the community and the countries they serve.

Cannon Commander

Cannon Commander

Cannon Commander: In this fun and addicting action game cannon shoot, defend the castle against the invaders reach’re on a mission to take over the castle. Try to shoot all the enemies, even looks cute creatures (flying dogs and fur bouncing ball) use your cannon. challenging task is to improve your strength and help protect the castle castle against all invaders. Be prepared for the attack, and always safe. Cannon Commander Good luck!



How to play: Use the left and right arrow keys on your computer keyboard to adjust the angle of the cannon yo. Use the up and down arrow keys to increase and decrease the power of the shot. The more you shoot it further. To take a picture, click the “Shoot” red circle with your computer mouse. Remember that the higher the artillery strength, continue to shoot will shoot!

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Tempus Terminus

Tempus Terminus is a smart, platform and puzzle-based thinking action-adventure game with a cool twist: you must use a magic power to freeze time so that you can manipulate and organize media field to your advantage!


The goal on each level is straight forward – to reach the Exit Portal. However, to do this, you must use an ancient force known as the ‘Tempus’ to prevent his own time. This then allows you to change the game environment, create new platforms, reverse the direction of the enemy bullets, and more!


Background information: Set on a distant planet in the distant future, you play the role of a ‘Guardian’ of ‘Tempus Terminus’ ancient artifacts. This powerful relic give the ‘Guardians’ ability to prevent stop and start time under their command! However, a Union army of Warriors are trying to steal the artifacts, and you must escape from his lair to ensure its safety.

Analytical thinking games and solve problems and stimulate creative role provides a test and exercise combination of both mental and physical game play. Mentally, you have to use good observation skills, logical thinking and strategic planning in order to find the best way to use the powers of your injury time to your advantage. Physically, you need speed really smart response and keyboard controls to maneuver your character around each enemy and obstacle filled levels.

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Pharaoh’s Second Life

Pharaoh’s Second Life is a puzzle game fun and addicting platform and adventure game based on physics, where you have to guide a brave young Pharaoh through a series of 25-based supply. Self test for the challenge platform game / arcade classics such as running, jumping, collecting keys, switch blocks, jumping over lava pits, transfer stations, and more.


Background information: After being knocked unconscious by a falling coconut, our hero Pharaoh accidentally mummified his people! After waking up in his grave, he must try to get rid of all 25 levels of a pyramid maze giant!


Reason for fun, this game online platforms: Exercise your quick response and coordinate hand – eye, determined to solve the problem when you embark on an epic journey through , level of dangerous obstacles. Enjoy the game Mario-style game as you struggle with many difficult challenges in each level.

Strategy to win: Some additional requires logical thinking and strategic wisdom, not simply running and jumping action. For example, you may have to move the blocks on a weight system to gain access to a locked door, and other similar tasks. You must learn from your mistakes through trial and error, and try to use the terrain of each level to your advantage.

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Play Flexi Combat

Flexi Combat is one, 360-based turret guns survival violent shooter game where you have to show the reaction is very fast and accurate order & smart skills. Protect tanks filled your firepower from a central position against future robot aliens are coming, and survive as long as possible against the enemy’s attack, scoring as many points as possible.



Strategies / skills required: Combat Flexi is a tough, relentless, alien shoot ’em up game, where a high degree of concentration and focus is essential for the survival and extend the life of you when you have to deal with waves suitability of fighters of the enemy. Take your time well is the key! You have quick reflexes combined with hand coordination skills – good eye to keep your competitors at bay. Snap decision making skills also come into play as you quickly choose the right weapon to use for each situation or wave.

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Chaos Faction

Chaos Faction is a fight and shooting game for kids, teens and grown where you have to destroy your opponent, using a wide range of characters, arenas, weapons and beat- chaotic power em-up! This is one, all actions fightout crazy (with a lot of cool stuff) that will leave your head in a spin! Things move at lightning speed here – only the best players and the bravest will survive this frantic onslaught! This is a beautiful mayhem and endless hours of fun!


If you want to search for “Factor Awesome”, you come to this super fast game, there will be all – and more! You can customize almost everything in terms of personal preferences of your own; the number of weapons and health appear every minute for the color of your avatar’s eyeball! You can even change the search game levels! Go to the Editor and you will see. Chaos Faction is one of the fighting and shooting games that have A LOT going on. There is a lot to mess around with – 29 weapons, 18 characters and 15 levels – all in one game! Thankfully, although it is not tedious or confusing – just loads of fun! Enjoy!


There are three game modes to choose from: Campaign (where you try to beat the boss of each scene to unlock extra characters, weapons and levels), Deathmatch (where you create own game your own team, the set up and the rules in a melee style your combat) and Survival (where you defeat as many enemies as you can and then submit your score to the scoreboard online ) . Both the campaign and deathmatch have to choose three levels (Easy, Medium and Hard).

First choose your game mode and then Custom Level and your character; you can change its eyes, hands, body and legs. Make him look as fierce and funky as possible. He needs to stand out! Most importantly, make him move fast! During the game, collect as many weapons and power ups as you can; do not fall off (or being kicked off) screen – and be sure to destroy all these characters the hospital before they destroy you! OK, ready for some crazy action virtual combat and turbo-charged fun? Well, let’s go. Do some damage Tough Guy!

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Crazy Survival Action

How many yards a duck can make trying to survive against a very hungry swarm of piranhas? Piranha Chase is a little crazy, fun and addicting avoider game and runner / chase-style challenges for children / older youth that pits a rubber duck with a very eccentric piranha family along a dangerous rivers. Your job is to help Ducky to evade personal piranha, and do as many front yards upstream as possible by controlling the direction that the small ducks swim anytime.


The reason to play this game is very difficult and survival skills: If you like busy / fast response speed, finger dexterity and control challenges keyboard with a twist Quirky, eccentric game is sure sure fit the bill to make sure the implementation of reflective skills and your reaction.


The best strategy: Dodge and weave your way along the river as long as possible! Learn from trial and error plays a large role in the success of your strategy here because it may take you a few runs to get used to the movements of the piranha attacks. Good concentration, observation and prediction skills are also very important that you try to predict when and where the piranha will approach next.

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Batman : In The Heat of the Night

Help Batman to save the world from a global warming weapon speed using their brand’s famous fight hand – to-hand, acrobatic flying skills, and courage in the face of absolute Gotham bad guys! Batman: In The Heat of the Night is a fun, based on adventure and superhero fighting game where you must guide the Crusader cape through a series of levels filled platform villain , with the ultimate goal to stop Kanjar Ro’s space pirates from literally cooking the earth with weapons ‘Thermotron’ her!



Game controller keyboard action – packed is based on the animated cartoon iconic ‘Brave and the Bold’ version Batman, and require rapid response and good observation skills to succeed drain. As one of the world’s best fighter, Batman is better able to handle the goons sent out to fight him, but you still need to use tactics to fight good strategy to ensure you do not get overwhelmed . So it’s time to step into the darkness, and save the world! Thank you

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Dash around a desert battlefield restricted, and removes the enemy tanks with missiles accurate picture of this high energy, the game exists for 1 and 2 players! Tank is a straight forward, objective and accurate based skill game where you have to use the rapid response and strong keyboard skills to exploit and control the mouse to maneuver a car speeding around a small battlefield area. With enemies approaching from all angles, you have to explode your way to victory in the increasingly difficult.



Reasons to play arcade battle tank this game: This is an easy to play game battle tanks simple, no frills – just remove the approaching enemy tanks to progress. Enjoy, do not stop the action fast-paced combat as you work hard to survive enemy filled landscape. You can also play as a second Army player teamwork challenges, with one player controlling movement and other tanks in charge of the target and shoot!

Strategy to win: Try to combine good ‘front foot’ attacking defensive play with clever movement. Try not to leave your tank in a position for more than a few seconds – Dodge and weave around the battlefield to confuse your enemies. Using strength and special weapons to your advantage.